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Comstor Customer Success Plan (CSP)

Comstor Customer Success Plan (CSP) Workshop


The Comstor Customer Success Plan (CSP) workshop is a half day workshop that walks through the entire process of creating and executing a customer success plan.

This workshop will cover the process of identifying business outcomes and key performance indicators (KPIs), creating an adoption plan, recognizing barriers to adoption, the lifecycle journey, Quarterly Success Reviews (QBRs), through renewals.

Course Topics

1.      Customer Experience Overview

1.1.       Value to the customer

1.2.       Key Brand Differentiator

1.3.       Opportunity Throughout the Lifecycle

2.      Building a Customer Success Plan

2.1.       Customer engagement

2.2.       Identify Business Outcomes

2.2.1.    Breakout Session

2.3.       Key Performance Indicators

2.3.1.    Breakout Session

2.4.       Adoption Plan

2.4.1.    Breakout Session for Adoption & Barriers

2.5.       Barriers to Adoption

2.6.       Customer Agreement

3.      Lifecycle Journey

3.1.       Onboard

3.2.       Implement

3.3.       Use

3.4.       Engage

3.5.       Adopt

3.6.       Optimize

4.      Quarterly Success Reviews

4.1.       Identified Business Outcomes

4.2.       Expedited Value

4.3.       Adoption/Barriers

4.4.       Next Quarter Priorities

4.5.       Next Steps

5.      Renewal

5.1.       Cisco Lifecycle Advantage

5.2.       180 days

5.3.       90 days

5.4.       60 days

5.5.       30 days

Target Audience

SYNNEX-Comstor Partners

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