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Cisco IoT Sales Essentials: SE (IOTSE)

Cisco IoT Sales Essentials: SE


Partner Specialization Requirements:

  • (2) Sales people must attend the Cisco IoT Essentials: AM Sales Essentials (IOTAM) and
    • (2) Technical people will receive the recorded version of AM Sales Essentials (IOTAM)
  • (2) Technical people must attend the Cisco IoT Essentials: SE (IOTSE)

In this course, IoT SE Sales Essentials Training, we’ll dive into Cisco’s high-level strategy and vision for IoT and explore the underlying guiding principles which will help you in your customer engagements as you become an advisor in their IoT journey. In addition, we will explore the IoT Portfolio, where we cover ‘what to sell’ with a high-level overview of Cisco’s entire landscape of offerings for the infrastructure, applications, and resources that serve as the building blocks for your customers’ IoT solutions. Finally, we will break down the ‘where to sell’ question. The student will learn how, as a Cisco Partner, to create awareness of how you can help your customer navigate their IoT journey. You will be able to position yourself and your organization to support your customers in their IoT journey by leveraging Cisco’s Portfolio of IoT products, solutions, and services.

This course will help prepare the student to take the 700-820 exam.


This course has no formal prerequisites, but it is recommended that students have the following:

  • Experience with and interest in working with customers to determine, measure, and deliver business outcomes through the implementation of technology.
  • Time spent in a customer facing role, including technical sales, system engineering, or similar will be especially helpful.


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Understand the guiding principles to help in the customer engagements.
  • Understand an overview of the Cisco IoT product offerings.
  • Understand how to assist customers in their IoT journey

Target Audience

The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Systems Engineers
  • Individuals preparing for Cisco IoT Essentials for System Engineers (700-820) exam

Course Topics

  • Industrial Ethernet Deep Dive
    • Industrial Switches vs. Enterprise Catalyst Switches
    • Industrial Switching Portfolio
    • Demystifying Power Supplies
    • IE3x00 Comparison with IE2000, IE3000, IE4000
  • Industrial Ethernet Management Options
    • IoT Networking & Security Portfolio Overview
    • Cisco Device Manager (DM)
    • Cisco Industrial Network Director (IND)
    • Cisco Software Defined Access (SDA) and Cisco DNA Center
  • Industrial Wireless Deep Dive
    • IW3702 Industrial Wireless Access Point
    • Cisco Catalyst IW6300 Heavy Duty Series Access Point
    • ESW 6300 Embedded Services Access Point
    • Overview of Omnidirectional, Directional, Dual Band, and Single Band Antennas
  • Remote and Mobile Assets (RAMA) Hardware Deep Dive
    • Cisco IoT Sales Motion Review
    • IoT Gateway Overview
    • IoT Gateway Hardware Deep Dive
    • Review of Part IDs and Pricing
  • Remote and Mobile Assets (RAMA) Software Deep Dive
    • Cisco IoT Management Platform Overview
    • IoT Operations Dashboard Overview
    • Deployment
    • Device Management Operations

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