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IOTVR: Configuring and Operating Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard


Course Overview:

CIOTOC, Configuring and Operating Cisco IoT Operations
Dashboard is a 3-day instructor-led course. Today, data
governs all aspects of business decision making helping
to improve efficiencies across the organization.
Digitization requires Enterprise Applications to
communicate to all assets while enterprises are
converging to IP/Ethernet/Wireless Networks and need
to keep every IoT deployment safe. Additionally, the
impact of the pandemic is driving organizations to look
to the Internet of Things (IoT) not just for efficiencies but
also for resiliency. To adapt and thrive in the new normal,
organizations need simplified management systems to
proactively monitor and troubleshoot their IT–OT
infrastructure in the Industrial IoT Architecture. The goal
of this course is to help the student acquire the
knowledge and skills needed to understand and face the
IoT Management Challenges and to use and operate IoT
Operations Dashboard software solution in order to
achieve a centrally controlled and continuously

operating IoT infrastructure. Practical skills will be
achieved using real-world scenarios and examples in a
lab developed for such a purpose.
Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard provides organizations
the ability to simplify IoT management using a single
portal for OT/IT to deploy, manage, monitor and
maintain their IoT network, assets and data in the cloud
or on-premise.


The knowledge and skills that the learner should have
before attending this course are as follows:
• Basic knowledge of IoT Management
• Sounded knowledge of Internet of Things Concepts
• Sounded knowledge of IIoT Architectures

Who Should Attend:

The primary audience for this course is as follows:
• Systems Administrators and Engineers
• Technical Solutions Architects
• Systems Integrators
• Channel Partners
• Value-Added Resellers

Course Objectives:

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able
to meet these overall objectives:
• Explain the challenges in IoT infrastructure
• Explain Cisco’s IoT Management Model.
• Identify IoT Management Challenges.
• Identify IoT Operations Center Deployment Options.
• Describe IoT Operations Center Solution Concepts
and Components.
• Configure and Operate Edge Device Manager.
• Configure and Operate Edge Intelligence
• Configure and Operate Industrial Asset Vision.
• Configure and Operate Mesh Endpoints.
• Describe and use IoT Operations Dashboard API for
• Identify IoT Operations Dashboard use cases

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Industrial Internet of Things Overview
• IoT Concepts Review
• Customer IoT Journey
• Portfolio Overview
Lesson 2: Introducing Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard
• IoT Management Challenges
• IoT Management Product Portfolio
• Cisco Network Management Solution Positioning
• IoT Management Model
• Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard Overview
• Features and Benefits
• IoT Operations Center Licensing
Lesson 3: Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard
Administration and Operation
• IoT Operations Dashboard Deployment
• Supported Devices
• Edge Device Manager Configuration and Operation
• Edge Intelligence Management Configuration and
• Industrial Asset Vision Configuration and Operation
• Mesh Endpoints Configuration and Operation
• IoT Operations Dashboard GUI exploration
• Topology/Field Devices View
• Devices Management
• OT Assets
• Alarms
• IoT Operations Dashboard API
• pxGrid Integration
• IoT Operations Center Management

Lab Outline:

Labs are designed to assure learners a whole practical
experience, through the following practical activities:
• Lab 1: Exploring IoT Operations Dashboard GUI
• Lab 2: Exploring Topology / Fields Devices View
• Lab 3: Managing Industrial IoT Devices
• Lab 4: Managing IIoT Applications
• Lab 5: Working with OT Assets
• Lab 6: Generating Reports
• Lab 7: Monitoring IIoT Infrastructure
• Lab 8: Working with Alarms
• Lab 9: Automating IoT Operations Dashboard with API


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