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ASAESE: Cisco Security Architecture Workshop for Systems Engineers


Course Description

This workshop prepares Systems Engineers and other technical pre-sales support team members for the 700-765 exam which covers the required knowledge across the Cisco Security portfolio qualifying for the Advanced Security Architecture Express specialization.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify and discuss modern cyber security threats and how the cisco portfolio addresses them
  • Understand threats in the context of IoT
  • Discuss zero-trust and its benefits

Suggested Prerequisites:

  • Familiarity with Modern Networks
  • Basic Understanding of Cisco networking devices and architectures

Who Should Attend:

  • Channel Partner SEs
  • Technical Partner Support Specialists
  • Technical Distributor Support Specialists

Course Outline:

  1. Threat Landscape and Security Issues
    1. Identify the role of digitization in cyber security
    2. Identify cyber security challenges
    3. Identify causes of fragmented security
    4. Identify security opportunities and obstacles
  2. IoT Security
    1. Identify IoT solutions critical to business
    2. Identify the evolution of and need for IoT Security
    3. Identify how Cisco IoT Security solutions provide layered protection
    4. Identify components of Cisco’s IoT Security
  3. Cisco Zero Trust
    1. Identify the value of and drivers for trust-centric security
    2. Identify the value of zero trust
    3. Identify zero-trust solutions
    4. Identify zero-trust outcomes
  4. Cisco Security Solutions Portfolio
    1. Identify the requirements of modern networks
    2. Identify Cisco solutions for next generation network security
    3. Identify the areas of next generation network security
    4. Identify solutions for Web and Email security
    5. Identify the elements of DNS-Layer security
    6. Identify the elements of Cloud-Delivered security
  5. Network Security
    1. Identify solutions for NGFW and NGIPS
    2. Identify the elements of ASA
    3. Identify features of Cisco Firepower Threat Defense
    4. Identify the features and management of Meraki MX
  6. Visibility and Enforcement
    1. Identify solutions for Visibility and Enforcement
    2. Identify the elements of AnyConnect
    3. Identify the elements of ISE
    4. Identify the elements of TrustSec
    5. Identify the elements of Duo
  7. Advanced Threat
    1. Identify solutions for Advanced Threat
    2. Identify the elements of Advanced Malware Protection
    3. Identify the elements of ThreatGrid
    4. Identify the elements of Cognitive Intelligence
    5. Identify the elements of Stealthwatch

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