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CNAP: Cisco Network Automation with Python


Course Overview:

No two networks are the same! Learn to automate your
Cisco network with a Python. Course can be taught
across all major (and most minor) network vendors.
Course demonstrations can be adapted to best-fit the
customer’s network to ensure all lessons have maximum


Who Should Attend:

The primary audience for this course is as follows:
• Network Administrators
• Python devs
• Administrators interested in Automation
• Individuals interested in devops, specifically for


Course Objectives:

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to
meet these overall objectives:
• This course teaches students to utilize Python with
the goal of automating Cisco networks. Students will
have programmatic experience automating enterprise
class networks by the conclusion of this course.
• Class is a combination of lecture, demonstration, and
hands-on labs. Students are invited to share their own
relevant Python scripts with the instructor to ensure
class subjects are as relevant as possible.
• All notes and scripts will be made available to
students by the end of each day via Webex Teams.
Lab time will be given reinforce that day’s topics and
• Class is appropriate for those interested in
automation, specifically network automation in a
Cisco environment.


Course Outline:

Day 1: Morning
Critical Python Catchup & Review
• Overview of Python
• Python white space rules & best practices
• Printing and more Printing
• Date types and Variables
• Packing and Unpacking Variables
• f Strings
• Conditional expressions
• Relational and Boolean operators
• Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries
• Indexing and slicing
• Built-in functions
• Iterating with Loops (for and while)
• Working with files
• Software Control Management (SCM) (Git, Github,
Bitbucket, Cloudshare, etc.)
• Using Python to access Cisco REST interfaces
• Working with JSON
Day 2: Morning
Python and Cisco Network Automation
• Python, Ansible and Paramiko
• Using Paramiko to SSH with keys and passwords and
Cisco IOS devices
• RESTful API review
• API keys
• Paramiko Review
• Using Paramiko to SFTP with keys and passwords
• Introduction to Netmiko (automating Cisco routers
and switches)
• Using Netmiko to send commands to / from Cisco
network devices


Lab Outline:

Labs are designed to assure learners a whole practical
experience, through the following practical activities:
• Lab 1: Build your 1st Python Script
• Lab 2: More Python
• Lab 3: Strings in Python
• Lab 4: Using argv
• Lab 5: Lists and Dictionaries
• Lab 6: Loops and if-else
• Lab 7: Defining a Function
• Lab 8: Using Python Scripting with Cisco SDWAN
• Lab 9: Telnetlib and Cisco IOS-XE Devices
• Lab 10: Paramiko and Cisco IOS-XE Devices
• Lab 11: Netmiko and Cisco IOS-XE Devices

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